Simulations & Software

These pages contain a repository of Surrey astrophysics simulations and community software.

Code developed by members of the Surrey astrophysics group:

  • LIMEPY (Lowered Isothermal Model Explorer in PYthon) A python base code to solve a general class of lowered isothermal model, including Michie (1963)/King (1966)and Wilson (1975), including radial anisotropy and multi-mass systems (Gieles & Zocchi, ArXiv 1508.02120)
  • EMACSS (Evolve Me a Cluster of StarS) A rapid clusters evolution code developed by Poul Alexander (Cambridge) and Mark Gieles. The accompanying papers can be found here: version 1; version 2; version 3.
  • NBODY6tt An adapted version of Aarseth's NBODY6 (NBODY6 Tidal Tensor) Allows user defined external potentials to be applied to the cluster. Written by Florent Renaud (Surrey, formerly at Strassbourg and Saclay) and Mark Gieles (Surrey). Method papers can be found here and this was applied to clusters in merging galaxies and star clusters in dwarf galaxies accreting on the Milky Way.