Dr. Michelle Collins


Michelle Collins was awarded a PhD in Astronomy by the University of Cambridge in 2011, where she worked under the supervision of Scott Chapman and Mike Irwin. After receiving her degree, she continued her research for 3 years as a Galaxies and Cosmology fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. In October 2014, she took up a Hubble Fellowship at Yale University, working alongside Marla Geha and her research group. She officially joined the University of Surrey as a lecturer at the same time, and will be permanently based at Surrey from October 2015. Her research focuses on the observations of Local Group galaxies, particularly on performing resolved stellar spectroscopy in Andromeda and its dwarf galaxies in order to constrain dark matter models, and the processes governing galaxy evolution.

Research interests

* Galactic archaeology * Galaxy formation and evolution * Local Group galaxies * Dark matter


  • 2nd year lab with the Teaching Telescope
  • Astronomical Data analyses as part of Research Techniques in Astronomy (level 6)


For a full list of publications, see: NASA ADS, ArXiv